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As a Product Designer at CareZone, I design and ship features for iOS, Android, web, and internal tools. We help simplify the lives of patients and caretakers.

  • Timeline: Nov 2016 – present
  • Context: In-House Role

About CareZone

CareZone is the #1 mobile app for managing medications and caregiving. Through our app and services, we make it easier for people to take care of themselves and their children, partners, and aging parents.

CareZone logo

The CareZone mobile app

My Impact

Since November 2016, I’ve worked at CareZone with a team of designers, engineers, and product managers to improve our mobile app, web experiences, and internal tools.

I conduct user research, ideate, designer user flows, create final visuals, and work with engineers to implement features.

At CareZone:

  • I design and ship new features and improvements for the CareZone mobile app. Several of my projects help provide transparency and insight for app users who become customers of our health services.
  • I led the design of a major new internal tool that has increased efficiency of our internal processes. I continue to ship subsequent improvements and features.
  • I led a redesign of another internal tool, improving its efficiency, learnability, and usability. Ultimately that redesign increased the speed of a feature on the CareZone mobile app.
  • I shipped a web experience that allows users to input health information and sign up for our services, leading to more customers and less reliance on our sales team.

Overall, I love working with a team of smart people who are passionate about making a positive impact through our work. We help simplify the lives of millions of people.

Contact Me For More

My projects at CareZone are confidential. Please contact me if you’re interested in viewing more.